The internship program is an opportunity to gain skills and exposure working full time for 10 weeks. Our internship program gives you an opportunity to be placed in departments across Global Partners. In addition to your day-to-day responsibilities, you will get to:
Attend weekly lunch and learn sessions with leaders across the organization
Participate in a personal development workshop
Work on a group research project and present your findings to leaders of Global Partners
Take field trips to our terminals and retail locations

Brian H
Interning at Global was rewarding and it gave me my first taste of real-world business experience. Interns were afforded the opportunity to speak face-to-face with each member of the executive team, helping us get an understanding of each sector of Global’s business. Whether it was understanding how our team works with vendors to supply C-Stores or taking a fieldtrip to a deep-water terminal in Chelsea, we got to see how a Fortune 500 company operates.  We were also tasked with creating a business model for Global’s up-and-coming coffee program. Working with our assigned teams, we got the opportunity to present our ideas to the executive team at the end of the summer.  
After the intern program ended, I kept in touch with the people I had built relationships with at Global and I  applied for a full-time position in the fall of 2018. I now work on the Wholesale Marketing Team handling our New Hampshire and Maine territories, providing retail companies with home heating oil, kerosene, diesel fuel and gasoline in northern New England.
Shira A
Being an intern at global has taught me so much. Their hands on internship program allows you to truly see what working in the corporate setting is like, and they do so in such an enjoyable, lighthearted manner. You are brought on day trips to their different sites, work with other interns on a summer long research project, and introduced to different departments. The people you work with and meet are always eager to talk to you and have so much useful knowledge to share. The company fosters a collaborative workplace where everyone has a voice, and they try to support their employees in any way they can. Interning at Global has opened many opportunities for me, and has help me grow immensely in my professional life. 
Jon N
I was part of the 2019 Summer Intern Class at Global. My responsibilities included assisting the operations of our terminals used to store and transport oil. My favorite part of the experience was going on field visits to the terminals to see them in action and learn the in-and-outs of storing and loading fuel products.
We also had the chance to learn from "lunch and learns" with executives and work on a group research project.  My team focused on possible avenues to integrate artificial intelligence into Global’s convenience store brands; from shelf-stocking technology to fuel-pricing software, there was a lot of potential. The summer projects culminated in a presentation to C-suite executives.
Currently, I serve as an Account Manager on the National Expansion Wholesale team. My experience in the internship program provided familiarity with the company’s operations and goals, allowing for a smooth transition. The team-oriented work environment has been a constant throughout my time at Global, where I continue to learn and grow each day.