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We believe our differences make us better, together

At Global Partners we are dedicated to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. One of our primary values is "We believe our differences make us better, together" and we aim to embody that. We know that we have our work to do, and we are rolling up our sleeves to get it done. Through our Employee Resource Groups we provide employer supported communities where people from different backgrounds can network, build on their DEI education, advocate for new and updated policies and procedures and continue to bring their authentic selves to work. As we continue to foster an inclusive environment at Global Partners, we are currently focused on:

Our Employees
DEI Education
Increasing Representation at all levels of Global Partners

What do the words, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mean to us at Global Partners?


Who we are... The different people who make up, could make up, Global Partners employees, customers, and suppliers.


Fairness and Justice.
We have policies and procedures in place that promote fairness and justice for all.


The outcome of everyone feeling welcome and valued, regardless of dimensions of diversity.
We respect everyone/s voice.

The goal of our DEI work is to foster a sense of belonging for our employees. We want to create an environment where people feel safe to bring their full selves to work, to use their voices, and share ideas, making us a better Global Partners. We know we can do that with hard work, difficult conversations, and commitment to doing the right thing. We use education, accountability measures, and tools to work past our biases, and embrace differences.

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